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Come to The Carousel at Pier 62

Pier 62 Carousel is the centerpiece of Hudson River Park's new open space at Pier 62 in New York City.
Embellished with 33 hand-carved wooden animal figures native to the area, the signature carousel sports a "living" green roof that shields revelers from the sun and allows kids to whirl about under a rainbow of sparkling LED lights and playful music from a state-of-the-art sound system.

Visit for a day and watch your kids smile from ear-to-ear as they ride upon harbor seals, sea horses, green turtles, black bear cubs, butterfly unicorns and dozens of other animals. Enjoy freshly prepared food, snacks and a range of unique gifts, games and novelties. Or, better yet, enliven your child's next birthday with a special carousel birthday party.

The carousel building opens onto Hudson River Park’s Pier 62 and 63, a waterfront wonderland of more than nine acres of grass, trees, gardens and the mighty Hudson River.

:: Carousel Rules & Regulations

pier 62 carousel NYC
Daily 11a.m.—7p.m.
All hours are weather permitting.

One ride $2.00
Parents assisting children ride free.