Guests with Specific Needs or Disabilities

We want everyone to be able to enjoy riding the Pier 62 Carousel.  We offer an ADA Accessible Chariot with an ADA ramp.  Please ask a team member at the ticket booth for assistance.  We also offer complimentary ride tickets for legal companions of riders with special needs or disabilities.  These tickets allow a legal companion to accompany a paying guest with special needs or a disability onto the rides.  

Rules & Regulations

  • All riders must be as least 42 inches tall to ride alone. Riders under 42 inches must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older.

  • Supervising adults of children under 42 inches must stand next to the animal and hold onto the child.

  • All riders must have 1 ticket. Supervising adult accompanying child under 42 inches may ride for free.

  • Only (1) rider per animal.

  • No riding backwards, side saddle or standing on an animal.

  • Hold onto pole with both hands.

  • No changing seats or walking on the carousel during operation.

  • No food, drinks, gum, balloons or smoking on carousel.

  • No bare feet or wet clothing on carousel.

  • Do not hang personal belongings on the animals.

  • Remain seated until the carousel comes to a full stop. Do not jump on or off the moving carousel.

  • Do not run, push, shove or throw anything from or towards the carousel.

  • Maximum weight for riding animals is 250 lbs. 

  • Every passenger must exit the carousel after each ride.


Ride Policies